Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best of....amazing pictures!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE photography.  I love looking at it.  I love taking it.  I love everything about it.

I follow a fantastic photography site, I {heart} faces.  The past couple weeks I have been receiving in my email inbox the "Best of".  A compilation of MANY amazing photographs.

If you have some time, check these out.  There are pictures in here that I LOVE.  I hope you enjoy!

Top 10 Memorable Photos of 2011

Top 10 Cutest Kids Photos of 2011

Top 10 Pet Photos of 2011

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Monday, January 9, 2012

blooming bath {project 365 :: 9/365}

I can still remember the first time Preslee was in this tub from Blooming Bath.  I originally found out about it when I reviewed it on SIMPLE.  What a fun little tub.

She is now 5 months old and about to be considered in my eyes, too big for this.  What a relief on my back this was for the last 5 months thought!

NOW (Pic taken today)

blooming bath 4
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Photo a Day :: #9~Daily Routine {#janphotoaday}

Although I'm not exactly sure what "daily routine" is meant to mean for this photo project, one of the most necessary parts of my daily routine is this. A simple little can that packs a huge (healthy at that) punch! No coffee for this girl, this does the trick!
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bucket list {part I} :: inspiration from friend

When I first started thinking about running my marathon, I was saying to everyone "it's just something I want to do - something on my bucket list!"  Most of their reactions were simple...why would running 26.2 be on your bucket list? Pretty comical really since I knew many of their reactions before they even said them.

Well, while it was on my bucket list, I never took the time to actually write out my bucket list!

It wasn't until recently that I saw a post my friend Wiebke wrote on her blog about her bucket list.  It got me to thinking, why isn't mine wrote out?  How on earth can I imagine doing anything if I can't see it?  If it's not wrote out, is it even a reality?  When making goals in life/fitness/family/business, it's always been said you are going no where if you have no goal or direction in sight.  Well my husband and I have always said we will do nothing unless there is a written plan of action.

So here's to my life's goal - my bucket list {part I}:

:: FAMILY ::

Build my dream home on acreage
Have a long driveway with trees lining it
Have a pool
Have a beach home
Bring all three girls to Disney

Run a Marathon
Run a Half Marathon
Run a 25K
Run a 25K post foot and gastroc surgery

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photo a Day :: #8~Your Sky {#janphotoaday}

Life is busy, I failed my "sky" picture.  So, today this was my sky....all. day. long.
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reflected smiles {project 365 :: 8/365}

Little Miss Preslee was supposed to be sleeping.  She woke and was all smiles.  ON our way to the living room we have a mirror.  She loves looking at herself and we make faces back and forth.  It's adorable.

I took this picture. I thought it was a waste, but decided to edit it.  I think it's super fun and love how it turned out.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

one picture {project 365 :: 7/365}

Of all the cameras I have, today I only took one picture. ONE! Can you believe it? And it was only on my phone. What do ya do?

Day 7 of 365...
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